L’action Hair Oil & Hair Cream
Hair Oil
The Non-Oily Miracle Hair Oil

L’action is the new age miracle oil that is not oily. Unlike other oils that leave your hair feeling sticky, L’action provides instant shine, smoothness and frizz control without the oily touch. Its deep penetration formula absorbs into the hair making them beautiful from within.

Deep Nourishing Argon Oil

L’action oil repairs, rejuvenates and moisturizes the hair from inside. Infused with the power of Argan oil, also known as ‘liquid gold’, the non-oily oil is the ultimate hair care solution for natural, luscious hair. The keratin of hair gets nourished wonderfully when Argan oil penetrates the hair shafts and follicles. It helps seal the hair cuticle to protect against damage caused by chemicals as well as excessive heat from styling and environmental abuses. The L’action Hair oil fulfils a growing desire for luxury, offering women truly effective care to enhance their natural, revitalized hair.

Hair Cream
Tame Your Tresses

The L’action hair oil cream is a unique concept providing the benefits of oiling in a non-sticky cream base. It provides multiple benefits like eliminating frizz, adding definition and shine with a soft hold. The L'action hair cream creates the right texture necessary for styling, every time.

Infused With Enriching Oil

For centuries, generations of women have used an ingredient that has given them a natural, chemical-free way to achieve luscious hair. Found in a plant amidst the deserts of Morocco and referred to as ‘liquid gold’, this ingredient is Argan oil. The L’Action hair cream delivers the miracle of Argan oil straight to the roots of your hair. The unbelievable richness of this natural nutty oil delivers all the nourishment and protection that your hair need.